The final image does appear somewhat “softer,” but overall, the digital zoom capability of the camera is fairly smooth and viewing the zoom as it happens on the LCD is very helpful in keeping the subject of your shot correctly centered. In our data-transfer tests, the speed advantage of the USB connection became dramatically apparent: Shedding some light on the sources of noise. From right to left, key features are the onboard flash, viewfinder, light sensor flash and autofocus , lens, and indicator light for the self-timer. Kodak has now developed the DC digital camera, combining a 1. Each of these icons represents an operation that you can perform on the selected image.

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On the positive side though, the Kodka viewfinder is fairly insensitive to lateral eye kodak dc240, providing an accurate view regardless of the position of your eyeball. The body, at 5. High 1, x pixels and Standard x pixels. Overall, we found the DC to be a solid performer, with excellent color, and very accurate viewfinder and kodak dc240 systems.

Unfortunately, the DC is not equipped with a Diopter Adjustment for those camera users like us plagued with near- or far-sightedness, and the viewfinder optics have a fairly dx240 “eye relief. The optical finder’s view is well-centered in kodak dc240 final image dc40, particularly at moderate distances.

You can select these icons to view an enlarged kodak dc240 of the image on the LCD, delete images, print xc240, and lock them to prevent erasure, among other things. Other DC features kodak dc240 For eyeglass wearers, this means you’ll need to press your glasses against the camera pretty firmly to get a clear view. Best stores about three images per megabyte of storage space, Better stores four images per megabyte, and Good stores approximately seven images per megabyte.


Manufacturer Overview Kodak has long been a “power player” kodak dc240 the world of digital cameras, but for some time now has had a noticeable gap in their product lineup, with inexpensive, easy to use consumer models at one end of the range the DC and DC Plusand powerful prosumer units with scripting and a host of advanced features at the high end the DC A menu option is kodak dc240 on the camera kodak dc240 switch between dd240 signal formats if kodak dc240.

Kodak DC240 Zoom Digital Camera

This information is stored to the picture card along with the images. The picture card compartment is easily accessible on the left-hand side of the kodak dc240. Normally, the Auto option would be used for everyday pictures and, in most cases, produces images of more than acceptable quality.

Kodak dc240 is a real rarity in inexpensive zoom optics!

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

By using Center-Weighted metering to measure the light on a subject centered in the frame, and pressing the shutter button halfway, you can lock in an exposure and recompose the picture as lodak wish, without losing the kodak dc240 exposure rating. The DC includes an optical glass lens that automatically focuses to provide the best capture of your subject. Exposure The DC is equipped with two metering modes to help obtain just the right exposure for your images even in the face of backlight surrounding the subject.

The Kodwk always sc240 your images in color unless you are snapping images with one of the special effects turned on. It was fast and responsive, apparently using some degree of RAM buffering internally to improve cycle time for the first two shots of a series. A kodak dc240 lens cap kodak dc240 the camera case when the lens retracts, but is light enough to not strain the mechanism as it extends. Connect Mode When you want to connect the camera to a PC for downloading of images, you first need to place the camera in Connect mode.


Kodak dc240, Return to the Imaging Resource home page. Discuss in kodak dc240 Kodak Talk forum. This Exposure Lock feature works especially well for capturing a series kodak dc images that require consistent kpdak and color balance between them. kodak dc240

In addition, the camera lets you specify the print order of different images that you kodak dc240. When capturing images indoors, two white balance options are available: Kodak dc240 the Comparometer tm to compare with other cameras.

The zoom control toggle on the top of the camera lets you quickly zoom in on your subjects with a standard working range for image capture between 20 inches 0. This number, of course, will vary depending on the Kodak dc240 setting Best, Better, Goodand the Resolution level setting High, Standard. What camera should I buy?

kodxk Major operating modes are selected with the rotating function dial at lower right, while menu options are selected with the buttons to the right kodak dc240 the LCD screen. The body, at 5.

Fluorescent, to correct kodak dc240 the green cast caused by most household fluorescent lights, or Tungsten, to correct for the orange cast frequently seen when kodak dc240 images under tungsten lighting. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

Entering close-up mode disables the digital zoom if it’s active, or prevents it from being enabled if it kodak dc240.